Me and this Midnight

I started writing to pen the down things that I had in my mind, to express my feelings through words but lately, I don't feel like writing about anything. I don't feel like sharing it with anyone about I feel, how I am or how things are. Maybe because I know no-one cares or maybe… Continue reading Me and this Midnight


Log Kya Kahein Gy? Breaking chains of Trans-phobia.

A must read from a fellow blogger


When was the last time you heard your family telling you to go ahead to do whatever your heart wishes for and not to care about what your relatives, neighbors, society or world will think? Can you recall the feeling of doing something without caring about what you would be labeled as or pointed at? Well, the society we are raised in is more about thinking what others will think of you and what they will have to say about you more than what you think you are made to do. A society where a male or female is not allowed to fetch their dreams according to their choice, transgender community is still struggling just to express what they are and they still crave for acceptability.

A group of transgender along with support of some other people tried to surface the issues of transgender community, their needs and wants through…

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Teesri Dhun: An effort to put the voice of transgender community in-front of world through words


The society we live in is brutally divided in not only religions, regions and cast but in genders where men are always seen at the top while women still struggle to be a successful part of society. In such a binary society, can you imagine the life of a Khawajasara? People usually don’t even like to discuss their lives, struggles and success stories. Though government has passed the rule for registration of Khawaja Saras and special quota is fixed for their jobs but practice of these rules is still nowhere to be seen. Watching this situation, Dr. Shahnaz Khan and Dr. Claire Pamment decided to present the lives of transgender community in the form of a play. This play was produced by Kanwal Khoosat. In case you missed this play which held in Alhamra Arts Council Lahore on 16th and 17th of December ’16 here are the highlights.

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